Lucia Condrea

" The labour to create and the love for beauty are my beliefs. Throngh my creation I experimented a new artistic connotation, a certain taste, an original perception, an artistic value and form directed against the kitsch. 

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The museum has over 11000 exhibits

Artistically arranged on the surface of the two levels

The museum has 106 shopwindows

The structure of the museum contains three sections: 1.the unique creations of Lucia Condrea 2.very old painted eggs collection


More than 137 participations in international exhibitions

From 11 countries

International recognition

During 26 years of international exhibitions Lucia Condrea got a lot of prizes, finally being among the most valuable artists of the world in her domain of cration.


14 original creations that are recognized as "Condrea Art"


Art and symbols

The ornamental patterns which are at the basis of the ,,oval jewels,,comprise a whole area of elements which are representative and very well carried out.

scoala de vara a oualor incondeiate

Since 2009 the museum hosts the Summer School of painted eggs


The recognition of the skill

The summer international school of painted eggs brings together Romanian and foreign artists from the most remote corners of the world who are willing to learn this skill.

Access map - The International Museum of Painted Eggs "Lucia Condrea"

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